Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great News

On October 26th in the afternoon Carol called with GREAT NEWS!!!. We were approved to have the DNA test done on the baby & her birth mother, just to make sure that Rachel is actually hers.. While this is being done the birth mother has an interview with the family court system just to make sure that she wants to give up her baby for adoption.. this is just routine procedure..

Once we get a positive DNA match, sam & I will be going to visit Rachel in Guatemala for a few days.. The foster family will drop Rachel off to us for the length of our trip.. We cant wait to see her in person!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rachel Carlisa
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new pictures of Rachel

hello all,

Sam & I came home to find new pictures of Rachel, shes about 6 weeks old & has gotten so big. Carol form Guatemala Miracles was in Guatemala to visit all of her babies. We are so excited because this is the first time we've seen her with her eyes open.

On October we rec'd the paperwork from INS that will allow us to have the DNA test done, hopefully we will get authorization to have this done by next week. Once this is done Sam & I will be visiting her in Guatemala... We cant wait

Thursday, October 4, 2007

she looks like a good sleeper!!!!

updated pictures

hello all.
we received updated pictures of Rachel... she's 22 days old here & is now 6.4 lbs... no more chicken legs.. I am asking for everyone's prayers that we are able to bring home our little girl.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We need your help

Hi everyone,
Rachel needs your help to come home!!!!! President Berger of Guatemala is planning to suspend all adoptions on January 1,2008. the Dept of State, the JCICS, and Unicef are fighting to allow all adoptions all ready in progress to go through without any new rules and without a substantial delay. We are asking you to email or call your US senator so everyone who is waiting for their baby will be able to bring them home.... The link is please click on Guatemala 5000. there is also an online petition if you could all sign.http://www.petition 41203gm/petition .html

Sam & I appreciate all of your time and effort in trying to help all adoptive parents bring home their children safely. Guatemala does not have the means to take care of these children, they will all be either homeless or lost in the foster care system that they cannot currently afford. What would they do if they had an extra 3000 children to take of.....

thnx again
alex & sam