Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello all... there has been alot going on here the past few weeks... lets start off with saying that Rachel STILL does not sleep through the nite...her napping is getting better but the nights are still so unpredictable, its ok for now but shes needs to start sleeping before I go back to work.. Rachel is now sleeping in a crib YAHOOOO!!!!! for that. The furniture finally came in about 2 weeks ago, I haven't posted pics yet b/c I am still waiting for the letters for her wall that have been ordered since April 1st (come on now) & the rocker/glider/recliner was delivered & its teal not the light green I ordered, so they are making the switch on Thursday, as soon as her room is done I will post pictures of it... I LOVE IT!!!!

We spent fathers day at my Aunts house, it was hot & she has the built in pool, Rachel had fun in the sun (with sunblock of course)

2 weeks ago me Rachel & my mom got together with Barb& jade & her family.. we had a great time, there are some pictures, I'm upset that I didn't get any pictures of Barb's daughter Skylar.. just an excuse to get together again

yesterday we got together with another family that I met through the adoption process. her name is Deb & her daughter is Marrissa, they live about an hour from me.. the girls had a play date, it was fun

Tonite.. Rachel fed herself for the first time.. it was mac & cheese.. I was so excited I know she was wondering what in the world was going on.. now I need to try & get to to crawl....(somehow I don't think shes going to, lets just say she pleasantly plump & I think she may have a problem getting around.. she has the crawling backwards down.. shes a whopping 18 pounds

Tomorrow we go to an infectious disease doctor just as a consult to take a look at her bloodwork.

Rachel's christening is in 2 weeks..there are about 170 people, I cant wait to see my princess in the dress.. I bought it from a dress shop in Guatemala..

Barb's dog Hart

Sweet Jade

Barb & the Girls

Rachel & Marrissa

Hanging in the pool

How fitting is this????????

Check out my CHUNKO LEGS!!!

Me & Daddy on Father's day

Rachel & Stephanie

Mommy's Favorite

Thursday, June 5, 2008

one rough day!!!!

On tuesday I planned on taking Rachel for more blood work.. they didnt get enough the first time UGH!!! but what I didnt plan for was the accident in the morning. rachel was sitting in her boppy pillow & I was right there with her, she reached foward for a toy & I didnt react fast enough & BAM!!!! right on her face... my poor baby was bleeding, I felt so horrible.. this was the result, thank god the swelling was gone in a few hours...

rachel has gone back to getting up every 2 hours at night, she was doing so good there for a while now its back to how it was when we first got home!!!! I hope she get s this sleeping thing down pat before I go back to work!!!