Thursday, May 29, 2008

picture parade

here are a few pictures....

5 weeks already

well, Rachel took a two hour nap today.. HOLY COW!!!!!!! shes never done that before.. the past two nights she even slept all night.. i'm getting spoiled, lets hope it lasts.
She's eating much better & has become quite the chunker.. other than for a bottle shes not a crier or a moaner (THANK GOD).. he knew not to send me a whiny kid

Rachels furniture is in the country lets hope its delivered next week YAHOOOOOOOOO for that.. its only been months now, but thats what I get for waiting till the last minute, now I just hope that she sleeps in her crib.. what a novel idea!!!!
Her glider/rocker/recliner was delivered... yeah WRONG COLOR.. its TEAL not the celery green I ordered, so we have this one till the new one arrives

We went to Sears for pics on Wednesday... she was really good, here are few of the shots.

I cant believe we are home for 5 weeks already.. I thank god everyday that Rachel is home with us & not caught up in the latest BULL in Guatemala, my hearts go out to all the families who are waiting for their babies to come home..

Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday was my 3rd baby shower.. yep you read right, this one was for my mom's friends & the ladies that we met on our trip to maine.. Its was really nice.. Rachels closet is filled from one end to the other, I mean packed from one end to the other & this was before yesterdays shower, luckily I got mostly gift certificates so I can buy fall & winter clothes.. Her furniture wont be here till the of June, GREAT!!! Rachel is sleeping better, like 5 or 6 hours at a time but last nite she was all out of sorts & up ALOT, I guess with all the fuss yesterday. hopefully tonite will be better..
Rachel is sitting up pretty good she does fall over a bit, but she is getting up & rocking on her hands & knees, not to bad for never having been on her stomach, the eating thing is going better... kinda annoyed that she was never given food at 6 months like she was supposed to & like I was told she was, but thats ok, she's healthy thats all that matters...

Rachel & Jonathan

Rachel eating.. YIPEE!!

Rachel with Brittany & Dyaln

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Its been a week already

WOW... this week has gone by soooooooo fast.... we came home early saturday morning & the revolving door started sat nite.. It was great though having everyone here, everyone was just so excited to see Rachel in person... shes so good with people, as we all know she LOVES to be held.. shes such a happy baby until its time for bed, then the exorcist comes alive... last nite she actually slept for 5 straight hours, how excited was I? 2 times a night, no biggie, 6 & 7 times a night is going to kill me LOL

we went to the doctor on friday & my poor princess had to have blood work.. it was miserable for all of us... she was screaming so loud & they coulnt find a vain in her chunky little arms... thank god thats over...

here are some pics from the week