Friday, July 17, 2009

a quick update

I will apologize in advance for the lack of pics in this post... just a quick update.. Rachel has been doing great with her speech therapy, she says soooo many words that I stopped counting. She can put two words together & has become a is when we really have to watch LOL..

In other news, next weekend I am going to a guatot weekend (as I call it) but its a Guatemalan adoptive family event, & its right here in NJ, about 40 minutes from home. There are about 300 people attending & from what ive heard from others, its a gathering worth attending. It must be, b/c there are people from all over the country that come. Kevin from Guataopt will be there & for my nonadoptive friends, he's the guy that if you have any questions about the going's on in Guatemala he's the one to call. (at least thats my opinion)

The last weekend of the month me & my mom are going to California from thurs-sunday. My friends moved out there a few months ago. They are in thousand oaks(outside LA). Rachel will be staying home with sam & grandma Rose. I cant wait to see my friends, I miss them so much...

Other exciting news!!! my friend Kristi her daughter Elli & her friend Luann are coming to visit from Illinois. She is my friend who also adopted a little girl from Guatemala. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited. I have not seen her since dec 07 when we both took our first visit trip to Guatemala. Ive talked to her just about everyday & cant wait to see her again. We will be taking a tour of Nyc on friday & Sat we'll be heading to Pennsylvania to meet with other Carol families. If all works out there will be 7 carol families in one room... I cant wait to take pictures pictures & more pictures...

& last but not least... my bathroom will be done next week..WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO. Its been a long few weeks. Its the last thing I wanted to do before I get ready to sell. It was yucky pink (pepto bismol) & black. I cant wait to get my house back in order. I kinda stinks at 3am when I have to trek to the basement bathroom when there is one right next door, but it will be worth it in the end. That I will post pics of as soon as its done..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guat tot get together with the Maron Family

Last weekend Annette, her mom Lorraine, Chloe & Marla (lallie) came to visit us... The weather outside was MISERBLE to say the least but we had such a good time catching up.. we just sat around ate, had coffee & watched the girls.. I cant think of anything better than to spend time with friends & our family.. I cant wait till our next visit, I miss them already... here are a few pics of our day

Guat tot get together with Marissa & her family

I am really behind with posting lately.. Here are a few pictures from our day with the Horner Family at my house. It was actually sunny out, not that we've had many of those days, but the kids played outside & they had so much fun It was nice catching up with Marissa & her mom & dad..Lucky for us we only live about an hour from each other.. I think its great that Rachel will have other Guattots in her life as she grows up, thats something that is very important to me.