Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what a wonderful christmas it was!!!!!

what a huge difference from last year..last xmas we were STUCK in PGN & miserable, this year , while Rachel had no clue what was going on it didnt mattter she was HOME with us.. we knew what a miracle it was that she was home with us to celebrate the holidays.. Christmas Eve we went to Sam's brothers house as we do every year, we had a nice relaxing night. Rachel was asleep in the car in about 5 seconds & she slept till after 9am Christmas day.

Christmas morning we opened presents at my house, Rachel had fun ripping the paper. In the afternoon we went to my Aunt's house to celebrate with my family. It was a great day... ps, I have enough Dora stuff to open a store LOL

here are some pics... video soon when I can figure it all out

A picture of the Dora video that steph got with Rachel's pic throughout the story

Dylan giving BIG HUGS!!

Rach & Dylan hiding under the table

My brother John & sister in law Michelle

My cousin Steph & her fiance MAtt

My cousin michelle & her kids.. Georgie, Dylan & brittany

All dressed & ready to go

Sitting in the new Dora chair

Checking out Elmo

Christmas morning in the wagon my brother & sister in law got Rachel

Daddy being silly on christmas eve

Us & sams brother Michael & his wife Diane



The light of Rachel's life.. her Dada

Rachel & Grandma Rose

Our christmas family photo

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas

I cant belive that christmas is almost here & the best part is that Rachel is home to celebrate it with us.. She'll be home 8 months on christmas day!!!! I put up my charlie brown tree a few weeks ago.. I haven't had a tree up in mamy many years b/c of the cat & this year I didnt put up the big tree b/c of Rachel & the cat..I'm all done with my shopping & everone keeps asking what I bought for Rachel.. gotta tell ya not much at all.. only a few things...I could wrap up the stuff in her room & she wouldn't know the difference... there are many more years that I can spoil her at christmas where she'll understand what new toys are..

Today there was a Guatot christmas party about 30 minutes from home. there were about 100 people, it was really nice & the kids had a blast. there are a few pics but they didnt come out so good.. getting all the kids to look up was not easy.. my thing, they are all in the shot.
PS... Rachel's hair is not always in her eyes, she wouldnt keep her bow in... poor thing, she looks a mess..


Rach & her Dada

Antonio, mollie, kellie & Rachel

Just had to throw one of my cutie in there

Anjoli & Rachel

My charlie brown tree


Santa's little helper

Even the cat is in the holday spirit

Thursday, December 4, 2008

1 year ago today.....

held my daughter for the first time.. I remember like it was yesterday, we were at the airport at 3am waiting & waiting in line. I couldnt wait to get to Guatemala to see my peanut.. 4 sets of pics & a video were absolutely wonderful but I just wanted to see Rachel in person.. I also met joanna & myla on my first day & kristi elli & sara the next day.. I had talked to these women so many times it was nice to meet them in person. we even got to see sweet Marla... After we checked in we were in the room when the phone rang.. it was Joanna saying that she saw Rachel in the lobby.. of course we all went running to see her.. Imagine my surprise when I saw her but she was with a different foster mother.. I was concerned, but just wanted to hold my baby....
we had a wonderful first visit.. here are some pics...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We have a walker

Here is my princess walking FINALLY!!! she still crawls b/c its much faster that way still.. I was starting to get worried shes almost 15 months old..but here she is.....

Not the Thanksgiving I had hoped for....

I was so looking foward to Rachel's first holiday at home.. All week I couldnt wait for Thanksgiving food & having my family over. Well my family did come over for dinner, about 15 people but I was in bed with a fever, the flu & some sort of stomach funk.. I felt like I did whwn I was sick in Guatemala Lets just say.. thank god for my mom.. here are a few pics from the day.. At least I got to eat leftovers on friday..

My Dad & Rachel

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas pictures X2

A few weeks ago I took Rachel to the mall & who was there? Santa Claus!!! It was Nov 6th.. santa was ready for pictures & there was no line... thats what I'm talking about!!! Well Rachel wasnt too thrilled with the big guy but of course I bought the picture anyway..she has that mean baby face like Juanita on desperate housewives has...

Then on Nov 17th I decided to bring Rachel for her christmas pics, well out of all the pics they took there wasnt one that was the least bit decent.. here we go with the juanita face again.... that Thursday we tried again & hot damn we got some good shots.. and here they are...