Monday, August 25, 2008

4 months & a lost cow

Ive been told by my friend Kristi that a needed a new blog post so here it goes... we are home 4 months today, HOLY COW!!! I cant believe how fast the time went, I certaintly cant imagine my life without my super sweet chunko..

The lost cow you ask? we ll it goes something like this... iwas talking to kristi today & she was telling me how one of her cows got loose & was roaming the town.. people were starting to cal her & tell her that they found her cow.. my first thought was.. never in my life did I think I would have this conversation with anyone.. we started to laugh, just goes to show you that when I started the adoption process I thought the end result would be Rachel coming home, I never thought that I would have made life long friends, so in the end we are winners all around..

Here are pics from earlier tonite of Rachel & the doll that Kristi sent her for her christening/wedding.. The one outfit is of her wedding dress & the other dress are the colors that are native to the village where Rachel was born
Thank you so much...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!!!

On Monday morning I will be returning to work, lets just say that I am less than thrilled to be leaving Rachel... In the 4 months that she is home, Ive only left her twice for the day, & it was miserable...
Tomorrow should be interesting to say the least....

Friday, August 15, 2008

I tried.. I really did!!!

So remember in my last post I said that I was only having cake & coffee for Rachel's Birthday... well.... its now 50 people at my house on the 13th, it just got out of control real fast,not even sure how it all happened I even toyed with the idea of having it at a hall, as my friends know, I'm not much of an entertainer LOL.. I am excited about my sweethearts big day & cant wait to celebrate it with family & friends...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

11 months old

I cant belive that my little girl is 11 months old already, allright, I'm a few days late..We went to the doctor yesterday & shes a whopping 21 pounds... SUPER CHUNKO!!!!!.. shes on the move crawling all around... she was doing the army crawl for a while & let me tell you, she is FAST!!! especially when shes chasing the cats.. she's pulling herself up & walking along the table & couches..
I'll bring my princess for 1 year old pics in the next few weeks, I am just having cake & coffee for her bday, after having 170 people at her christening i'm done with the big parties

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Florida pics

We are home from a wonderful trip to see my grandparents in florida, we flew down, & were there for about a week I'd never make it more than 2 hours in a car (maybe we can visit liz & xadie in atlanta another time)
I wanted my grandparents & my great uncle to meet Rachel before I went back to work. My Aunts friend lent me all the baby stuff I needed whick made for an easy traveling expreience..Here are a few pics from the trip

Rachel, grandma, & her Great Great Uncle

Rachel & her Great Aunt Kara

Rachel & Grandpa

Rachel in the pool... she's a water baby

Uncle Tee


A guat tot get together

Today I went to a friend house (who I met on the boards ) for a pool party. There were 5 guat tots & several other children. Dee was nice enough to have everyone over for a great afternoon.. Here are some pics from the day, its going to be nice for Rachel to have these friends growing up. Rachels adoption has brough so many wonderful peoplre into my life



Rachel & Molly