Friday, March 27, 2009

One Year Ago Today......

I got the call that we were OUT of PGN... here is my post from last year...

Well heres how the story goes.... major meltdown yesterday.. (annette can attest to that one) today I called PGN like 100 times (so cant wait for the phone bill) & I finally got through to Laura who told me that my file was ready to be picked up, but she couldnt tell me if I was approved or kicked out... so I called carol & left her a message.. I waited & waited what seemed like forever & she told me the GREAT NEWS!!!!! our file was approved by PGN....

1 Year later.... I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was really in a bad place the weeks before we got the wonderful news, there was doom & gloom news coming out of Guatemala regarding adoptions & I couldnt wait to get my baby home. I told Sam that if we were out by the following week, I was going back to visit.. People have asked me what was the best most exciting part of the adoption process, (of course bringing Rachel home) but the process itself.. for me it was the OUT call.I was at work when carol called me back & I remember my heart pounding out of my chest when I answered.. her voice sounded off so right away I just assumed that we were kicked out & not OUT OUT.. I couldnt have been more wrong.. I just remember crying & crying & crying... I hung up with Carol & starting making my calls.. its was the BEST feeling.. & here were are 1 year later, WOW, where has the time gone??

Monday, March 16, 2009

.Here are a few of Rachel's Easter pictures, she cooperated to an extent, when she was DONE she was DONE, we did get a few good shots.. all the girls in the studio know how tempermental she cn be..

On a few side notes, I got a call from our lawyer today & our hearing for Rachel's legal name change is on April 11th... I cant wait to be done with all the paperwork.. now I have to get all her documents changed to her legal name..

Last weekend I decided to try out a mommy & me gymnastics class, lets just say that I am so glad I didnt have to pay for it. It was 45 minutes long & boy was it a LOOONG 45 minutes. Rachel is waaaaay to young, I'll try again whwn shes 2. I wish I had her on video, it was a sight boy... at her age following directons is not one of her strong suits.. I decided on music class, lets see how that goes.. stay tuned

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our day with the Maron Family

Yesterday we spent the day with the Maron's (Annette, Tim, Chloe & Lallie). We had such a great time. This time both the girls are walking. It was such gorgeous day outside so they played in the yard.. Chloe was a bit under the weather because her mean mommy(LOL) wont let her have a puppy... She did manage to perk up enough to play the piano for me, i feel so special, b/c Annette told me that she doesnt play for many people. I think we all need to pressure Annette into saying yes to the pup. It was such a relaxing day of lunch,& dessert of course.. & just playing with the girls. The men were watching sports & drinking beer of course.. Isnt it great to spend a fantastic day with friends? Thats exactly what we did. I am so glad that we live close enough together that the girls can grow up as friends. Here are pics from the day, I realized when we left that there were no pics of Tim. Sorry Tim

My absolute favorite!!!

having a grand old time

the girls playing with shadow

cruisin the driveway

the sweet faced Lallie

Rachel rooting around the yard

Sam with the swwet Lallie

the 4 of us having a Great time together

Sam & Chloe

Annette with Rachel

Me with the sweet Lallie

Rachel was passed out on the way home from all the fun she had