Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my favorite pic...

More pics

Monday, February 18, 2008

sick doesn't even begin to say what we were

would you all like to hear my nitemare.... i posted on friday that i had some type of stomach funk so i didnt eat anything all day friday or saturday.. finally sat nite we decided to go out to eat.. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! me & my mom both had the runs & were throwing up. thank god rachel slept till 9am on sunday..we almost changed our flight to stay another day b/c how were we getting on a plane in this condition? . I didnt even get to enjoy my last morning with her... dont worry my story gets better... we get to the airport & are checking in with the other 200 people when i began to feel REALLY SICK!!! i went & sat in a wheelchair & then it hit me.. I was going to pass out, so i went & sat on the floor & passed out in the Guat airport of all places, it couldnt have been in the United States right? NOOOOOOOOO.. So from Guat to Houston to Newark I was in a wheelchair the entire time.. the only good thing is that you go right to the front of the line LOL...
& on top of all this my mom almost passed out as well & we were delayed in Guat of course

i am just sooooooooooo glad to be home even with the construction going on in my house.. i do have more pics.. maybe later or tomorrow

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

were back in!!!! & more pics

Here are a few pics from today... We are back in PGN.. YAHOOOO, now our case can get moving again..Rachel rolled over today from her stomach to her back.. I have some sort of stomach funk, not feeling well today.. More pics tomorrow

Thursday, February 14, 2008

we are here... FINALLY

well, we made it, barely.. after engine trouble in newark, we got to houston & RAN!!! through the terminal to make the connection.. forget this layover stuff...

rachel is just sooooooooo cute & fat.... I love it.... her ears were pierced this week & shes sporting her jade earrings from grandma.. here are a few pics of her 1st
valentines day.... shes showing off the bows that annette & joanna sent her, & the sneakers tights & sunglasses that Kristi sent her

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

flight cancelled

At 2:00 am I found out that my flight was cancelled.. This si the first time all year that we've had snow all year.. UN FREKIN REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have left from JFK or Lagurdia later this afternoon but who knows if they would have been cancelled too..

We are leaving tomorrow morning & returning on Sunday nite, so much for a direct flight on Saturday.. pray that our flight leave on time tomorrow so we dont miss our connection!!!!


Monday, February 11, 2008

This one is for you Sue!!!

Today was the funeral for a dear friend of mine who died at the age of 50.. WAY TO YOUNG!!!!.. she was fine a few weeks ago & now shes gone.. I talk about her because she had a hand in the great news we received today from carol... I know it was beacause of Maria's hard work (our guatemalan lawyer) that I can smile today, but I rec'd this news at Sue's funeral & it made me cry happy tears & Sue wouldnt want anything else but for us to all be happy & remember all the good times we had.. On such a hard day for Sue's family they even told me that they cant wait to see Rachel when she comes home.. They are all so excited for me..

Now, the great news, we were officially registered with the new Central Authority today.. This had to be done by tomorrow or basically Rachel was never coming home.. Maria was on line all night to get all of our cases registered.. We are hoping to be back in PGN by the end of the week.. What a way to end my trip, with our case actually moving again, its been a month now with NOTHING!!!! Lets hope PGN pushes through these cases quickly so Rachel can come home soon..

Me & my mom are leaving Wednesday morning to see CHUNK, I can hardly wait to have her back in my arms. & yes ladies I will have the laptop & I will post pics as soon as I can.. she will have all of her outfits & the gifts that she got from the other mommies that are waiting for their babies too!!!!

please pray that all of us get to bring home our little ones real soon...

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Chunky Monkey

I received new pictures last nite of Rachel & OHHHHHHHH boy has she gotten big...her new name is chunky monkey... She weighs 14 pounds now.. % more days till I hold her again...