Monday, April 28, 2008

Chunk has a new name.....

DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even the doctor called her that the other day..My princess has a mean temper...she's fine till its time for bed, then the crazy girl arrives...the screams are uncontrollable for hours.. shes never once slept in a crib, I know the FF loved her deeply but IMHO babies need to sleep in a crib...

its been a crazy weekend... we got home friday nite- early sat morning & poor rachel was sooooo sick... she did wonderful on both flights, she didnt cry once.. by the time we got to the luggage carosel she began to cry uncontrollably & it didnt stop for 4 hours.. sam & my uncle were out at the store at 2am buying suposotories, by 330am me & my mom we out the door to the hospital when she calmed down...she finaaly went to bed at 5am & was up at 7, with only a 30min nap all day on sat...

We had lots of company all weekend, everyone wanted to meet rachel, & i'm not feeling so well... feel much better than yesterday.. i thought i was getting the flu.. guess the not eating, traveling finally caught up with me...

We walked in to the house on friday to a big welcome home sign for my mom & a dozen pink roses with baloons from kristi & her family... they were beautiful...

more pics later


Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm soooo ready to get the hell outta here!!!!

Today Maria took me shopping for Rachels Christening dress, its hand made and beautiful.. I wanted something from her birth country. We also went to the supermarket for bottles, Rachel hates the ones I brought for her, & for a snot sucker.. my princess is sick... Sam stayed with rachel at the hotel & hung out by the pool..

We also got Rachels passport & visa.... We can go home!!!!!!!!!!

On monday I decided to eat something little, so not a good idea, since then ive eaten only toast & breakfast bars along with the pills I got before I left.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 1230 & we dont get home till midnite... my mom, dad , aunt & uncle will be there to meet us...

more soon.......


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Embassy Day

today was our embassy appt.. we had to be downstairs at 630am..our appt was 715 & we were back at the hotel by 10am.. It reminded me of the DMV with all the windows.. they call your name & you go in this tiny room & they ask a few questions then u wait some more & they call u up to a window and ask a few more questions, you sign & swear that all the info is true & off you go.. tomorrow we will go pick up Rachels visa..

I always wondered about the other foster child that was with Rachel, I new he(or so I though a he)was 4 years old & themla had to give hin up yesterday.. We get on th bus to go to the embassy & i was talking to the other family & the little girl in the car was named anna...all of a sudden she started calling marjories(Rachel) name, she recognized her... she was the other child in thelma';s house... how freaky is that.. there is a pic of her..

Annette & michelle are both leaving today.. Annette is goin home... ( I'm WAY JEALOUS)& michelle is going to antigua... it was so nice being here with friends..
I cant belive its really over!!!! I just cant wait to get home...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

updates & pics

Here are some pics of the day.. I'm not feeling so well, stomach funk AGAIN!!!! though not as bas as the last time.. Rachel has a wicked cough & didnt sleep so well.. We hung out by the pool today with annette, michelle & jennie... its been great spending time w/ annette.. michelle is a friend who I met on my last visit trip, today was her son maxs 6th birthday, so we had a party by the pool..Jennie & her family are also carol girls, shes here picking up her daughter Kennedy..

At dinner the foster family came & had dinner with us, thelma came with her 2 children, needless to say it was very sad, she had to give up her other foster chilfd who she had for 3 years.. she told me that she hasnt slept since Rachel has left.. remenber I said that her last name is orozco, well her son is alex & her husband is samuel.. just found that to be funny...

luckily for us Rachel doesnt seem to have any seperation anxiety, her face lit up when she saw the FF tonite, just makes me feel good to know who much she was loved by them..

Well tomorow is Embassy day, we have to be un the lobby of the hotel at 630 am

will post more tomorrow

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rachel is here!!!!

right after I posted that we were here, the phone rang, it was miriam to say that Rachel was downstairs.. it was 3pm. I wasnt expecting her till 5pm, so it was a wonderful surprise... the give back was sad for thelma.. she told me that she has to give back her other foster child tomorrow, I really feel for her..She told me how much her father loved Rachel, I told her that I would send pics b/c they do not have internet access..

On to Rachel... ohhhhhh boy, shes not the chunk anymore, shes superchunk!!!! I cant blieve how big she she has gotten since my last visit...We went & sat by the pool w/ annette, marla tim & chloe, it was so nice ti finally meet her!!!!

We are here!!!!!!!

all went well with the airport & such... very uneventful... Rachel will be coming in a few hours.. I cant wait.. I still dont believe that we never have to give her back!!!!! in the mean time I'll be going to find annette.. we were on the same plane from houston with my friend michelle & her sons... she going to live here until her daughter mairanda is ready to come home....

more later

We are half way there

hello all...

We are in houston waiting our connection... we actually left on time, so there is a 3 hour lay over here.. thats ok though, I didnt want to chance being late & missing our connection , the last trip, me & my mom were running to make our next flight..

thats all for now... stay tuned for pics


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting it together... not really

its Sunday & I now have to pack for myself.. this in itself is a MAJOR PROJECT to say the least.. I love to travel but HATE to pack.. On Wednesday I went into work & told them that it was my last day , so I've had a few days to get it together.

On Friday I thought I was going out with my friends Maria & Barb from work, well I got to Maria's house & there was a surprise shower for me with my friends from work.. I was truely surprised.. There was also a shower at my house last week that my mom gave me for my family, Rachel has a closet full of clothes, everything else is just everywhere.. remember I have no furniture...

Thats all for now... I need to get a move on.. will post as soon as I can...


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what that means is that Rachel is coming home next week.... the pink reference is the color of the slip that the lawyer used to get,now its all done by email, so its an epink... we leave on monday & return on friday... I still cant believe shes coming home... the best part other thn bringing rachel home of course is that I get to meet annette & jennie... i talk to annette everyday, shes the 1st person I called... sam pulled in the driveway & saw me jumping up & down... he certaintly knew why...

gotta go.. theres a million things to do


Monday, April 14, 2008

DNA has arrived

Rachel's DNA has arrived at the USE... it was delivered at 10:30 am.. now we wait for PINK.. I also got the picture from labcorp.. my princess is sitting up... I'm sad I missed it for te first time but thats ok.. she'll be home soon!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

DNA is on its way!!!!!

found out today that Rachel's DNA is on its way back to the USE (US embassy).. once it arrives there, they do whatever it is that they do & then issue us our pink slip which gives us our appt date to pick Rachel up & take her home for good... heres hoping that we know by the end of next week when we have to travel... CANT BELIEVE ITS ALMOST OVER!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I rec'd an email from Pat at labcorp in North Carolina. Rachel's DNA has arrived!!! This test is taken to compare it to her birth mothers DNA AGAIN...just to make sure she is same child from the 1st DNA comparison..... OF COURSE SHE IS, WHO COULD MISTAKE THE CHUNK FOR ANYONE ELSE.... Once the test is done it will get srnt to the US Embassy & they will email me when my appt date it.... ITS ALMOST OVER!!!!! STILL SO HARD TO BELIEVE IT SOMETIMES!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

2nd DNA test

I just found out that Rachel's 2nd DNA test was taken today...YIPEE!!!! & YAHOOOOOOO!!! It should be at labcorp in North Carolina early next week..They tell you that it takes 5-10 days, but my friend Annette had hers done in 3 days... Congrats to her!!! Once the results get sent back to the US Embassy a few days later they email us to tell us when we have our embassy appt...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I wore my orange shirt for a reason today.... we are officially ORANGE!!!! this means that the authorization for the 2nd DNA test has been given.. YAHOO!!!! I am hopeful that the test will be done tomorrow... In about 3 weeks I will have a travel date.... I am sooooooo excited

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new pics

I was shocked last nite to get these pictures from carol, usually after you get out of PGN you usually dont get anymore doctor updates.. I think I figured out what Rachel is going to be.... a SUMU WRESTLER!!!!!

new passport

got a message from carol yesterday that maria received Rachels new passport.. YAHOO!!! we are almot done... After this we'll get the authorization for the 2nd DNA test, after thats done we receive our "pink" slip which gives us our appt to p/u Rachel.... Wont be long now....