Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new photo shoot

Here is Rachel's latest photo.. thanks Annette for lending me the tutu.. As usual Rachel wasnt too cooperative

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A picture parade

Here are just a few pics from the pat few days... I took Rachel yesterday for pictures in her tutu (thanks Annette) & she stood up without holding on for the first time.. She wasnt very cooperative asusual with getting her pics taken but we did get a few good shots.. they are even using one of them for the studio..
First merry go round ride

Walking Dora

My little Fire girl

Rob & Liam one of Rachel's many boyfriends

festivities at Daddy's firehouse to start off national fire prevention week

Always with a Dora character in hand

my first birthday with Rachel

well its the big one... 35!!! It moves me into the next box... you know how when you fill out surveys & they ask your age, well 35 is now the next box..not to thrilled about moving into the next box LOL... Me, Rachel & my parents went out to dinner to celebrate.. Sam is at the firehouse so we'll go out over the weekend..I am thrilled that Rachel is home with me to celebrate, there are so many families still waiting to bring home their children, I am one of the lucky ones. & what better way to enjoy my birthday than with my family

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friends are the best

Throughout this adoption process I have made so many wonderful friends.. friends who have been there for me while I sat & waitied for Rachel to finally come home. I truely coud not have done this without them, they were there for me when I was at my wits ends & absoutely DONE with this whole crappy process, they completly understood what I was going through. Makingthese friends has been a blessing, there are so many wonderful women that I have met & had it not been for Rachel & the adoption process we would have never crossed paths...

Yesterday, me Rachel & my mom went to go see Annette, Tim, Chloe, Marla & Lorraine (Annette's mom). We had a great afternoon together...Let me back track a bit.. Annette & I were in the same boat, we were stuck in PGN together & we both got caught up in the Central Authority BS... We talked several times a day, we had become.. what sholud I say? hmmm disgruntled postal employees... We were just so sick & tired of being stuck in PGN, we referred to ourselves as QB & QB2 the queen bithces.. without her I would have been in trouble.. the day beforeI got out I had a MAJOR MELTDOWN & she was there for me.. I will be forever grateful for that..

I remember the night I found out that Rachel's file was at the PGN window to be picked up (at this point I didnt know if I was OUT or KO'd) I called her house & Tim answered.. I heard annette in the background saying.. Is she happy or sad? After the nigjht before she probalby didnt want to talk to me if I was upset..

Back to our visit... Lets just say, I cant wait to get together again.. we had such a great afternoon of relaxing, eating & catching up. The girls played & they were way too cute. I was lucky enough to hear Chloe play the piano, she plays beautifully, thank you so much, we really enjoyed hearing you play. We sat around & talked all afternoon. Tim was making Rachel laugh & laugh.. Marla was sleeping at the time, we knew that wasnt happening for Rachel.. it was a perfect visit.. here are some pics of our day.. go ahead Annette you can steal them...

The five of us in Guatemala

The four of us now, Chloe went to her friends house

Friends are the best

Rachel Annette & Tim... Marla was napping.. what a novel idea

Chloe loving her lil sis

Annette & her mom

girls who are DONE with the camera

Chloe & Rachel

me & sweet cheeks Marla

the girls having a great time together

5 minutes into our car ride home

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A bad hair day...

with a little help from grandma, my poor baby had a BAD HAIR DAY... .. I guess gram was bored that morning... thank god she didnt take her out of the house looking like a wreck.. LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Guat Tot get-together

Ryan, Rachel & my mom

Kelly, Molly, Giovanni & Antonio

Molly & Rachel

I know I'm a bit late in posting these pics but being that I got the bad blogger award toiday from Kristi, I figured that I should get moving..

2 weeks ago we met 2 other Guat Tot families for apple/pumpkin picking & then for lunch. We all had a great time. Rachel was the youngest baby so she really didnt know what was flying but I had a good time.. These are the families that got together for a pool party over the summer.. these women & their families are really fun. I'm so glad that Rachel will have friends that have their adoption in common..

Throughout this experience I have made so many new friends!