Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Words , Words & More Words

Rachel started Early Intervention a few weeks ago & its going great. After her intitial evalutaion I noticed that she was talking more & more but the EI services can only help her.. She doesnt really put 2 words together yet, although last night when the lights flickered inthe house & the TV was rebooting she did manage to say TV on? Here are a bunch of words that she is sayinng, again just to have a record of milestones for her...

Here are some of the names of my family & friends that Rach can say Mary, Jim, Steph, Matt, Rosie, Donna, Johnny, Michelle, Kara , Fran, Sam (her Daddy) Yep, she calls him Sam.. Gianna, (her speech therapist) Gabby, Nick, Georgie, Vikki, Mackie, Jazz (the dog) Arthur (the bird) Munch & Tee (my cat's names)

Some of the shows she watches that she really likes… Elmo, Gabba, Maggie, Beast, Max

Here are a bunch of words that she says too.. TV/Tv on. Duck, Good, stuck, sticky, powder, morning, sheep, cake, wet, watch, pots (to cook with) flower, froggie, chip(potato chips) side (for outside) beach, bubbles, hands, feet, toes, work, home, please, phone, chair, soup, cook, baby, baba, fish, whale, beach, sleep

So she's getting there.. everyday I see more & more improvement..

Oh BTW have I told you that Rachel has OCD? yeah!! already, thats another post.. stay tuned