Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lets pay catch up & 2 years ago today..

know its been quite along time since my last post & I know this for 2 reasons.. 1 b/c I know that date & 2 b/c Sam reminds me just about every day that its been months since I last posted, so lets play catch up...

Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening.. Halloween was a HUGE BUST!!!! . Rachel picked out her costume in early Sept & I might add that its very cute.. & thats all she talked out was wearing her witch costume & how she was going trick or treating.. well the day came & ohhh boy is all i have to say.. She was teething & would not put her costume at all.. NO WITCH COSTUME, NO TRICK OR TREATING!!!!! is what I heard about 50 times that day... at least I do have one pic of her the day we tried on her costume, well theres always next year..

October was baseball playoff season in my house.. I am a HUGE Yankee fan, no needless to say I was quite happy with the world series finish this year. Ive turned Rachel into a fan too.. heres the outfit Kristi sent her.. look how cute...
Rach is talking talking talking.... shes speaking in complete sentences now & some of the things that come out of her mouth are a riot.. I was constantly yelling at the tv during the baseball playoff's so one day Rachel said to me... "mommy, thats a bad word & dont say it again". my response was WOW, now I'm getting orders from my 2 year old..
Last night she told me that she wanted jello & I told her that I didnt have any so she looked at me & told me "call Bati, she has some in the fridge". She's got a mean temper,and is soooooooo not a girly girl, she would rather play with trucks & animals, shes got no use for dolls.. but she's really a sweet little girl.

I was off from work on election day so I dedcided to take Rachel for her christmas pics.. yep, another nitemare. We went to Target( where I always go for pics, they are cheap & take good shots) well.. Rachel wasnt having it, so after an attempted bribery that didnt work & about 30 minutes of trying to get 1 shot, we left... Needless to say Iwas aggravated so I called Kiddie Kandids to see if they have an available appt. Rachel was already dressed to I figured what the hell right? So we went & they did manage to get a few shots but I cost me like 200.00 dollars & I got hardly any pics.. well theres always next year right? UGH!!

We had a few Guattot get togethers this month, one with Patty & her son Antonio & one with Debbie & her Daughter Marissa. Next week we are planning a christmas guatot get together, there will be 4 families, so that should be nice..

Thanksgivng turned out well, we were at my house with about 15 people.. It was nice to spend the day with family & not be sick..

Today it is 2 years that I met Rachel for the first time.. OMG, she was sooooooooo tiny. I cant believe its been 2 years already... I look back at the pics from my trip & I remember like it was yesterday..Joanna & Myla were there when I arrived & I even got to meet Marla. The next day Kristi arrived to meet Elli (rachels best friend) We had so much fun with the girls.. Kristi is such a good friend & I miss her.. Here are a few pics from my trip..

The pics are arranged weird & I dont know why lol

The Yankeeeeeeeeeeeees WIN!!!!

My First visit trip 12/2007


Momma said...

Beautiful Pics Alex. Amazing how those times all still stay so fresh in our minds. They are special moments that will always be remembered. I am a total scatter brain, cant remember sh**, but I can tell you anything about all of our visits including how I had Guacamole with just about every meal while there. LOL.
I know your little chica always gives u a hard time when it comes to taking professional pics. Anjoli is "usually" fine. Let me tell you she was a mess,just horrible for our Christmas Pics. I took her and had her hair done and we didnt even get 1 good shot. She kept making funny faces and rolling her eyes or she'd smile so big her eyes would just close shut. It was crazy. Take 2 a week later....same thing. We managed to get one ok shot but I wasnt too thrilled with it. But hey, whatever I managed to get one shot and saved some money cause all I got were our Christmas Cards, no extras. Wow this should have been an email. Oops. Sorry. Super Sized Comment. Send me your home address to

Kristi said...

I miss you guys too... I love having you all in my life..Adoption has blessed us in way I never even imagined..