Monday, September 21, 2009

Rachel's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Rachel's 2nd birthday party on Saturday & what a day it was. The weather couldnt have been better, it was 72 degrees & low humidity. We had about 45 peope in the yard & it really worked out well. This year Rachel understood that the party was for her, she doesnt truly get it, but she got it more than last year. We kept telling her that her party was coming up & thats all she kept saying was birthday cake & baloons. As you may or may not know Rachel's favorite food is cake cake cake... When Sam brought the cake in earlier in the day, she looked at it & said,"cut cake now, eat it". Wait till you see the pics of the cake.. It was amazing.. I cant believe that my baby girl is 2 already. Thank god that I wasnt really hoping for a girly girl, beacuse that Rachel is not. She doesnt mind dresses & like her pocketbooks but thats it. She has no use for dolls what so ever, she pushes them away, its really funny to watch. Case in point, she was behind the shed with my friends daughter playing, so I peeked in on them & I said Rach, what are you doing, her answer of course, "I digging dirt", then she looked up at me covered in dirt & said " I eatin dirt mommy". I just laughed, what a mess she was, really gross LOL... It doesnt really matter though, she had fun at her party & thats all I cared about.. Enjoy the pics

The Yard

This was Rach on her actual birthday chowing down on a piece of cake

Sam & his mom cutting the cake

Rach & Donna

Matt, Georgie & Steph

Me & Vikki

Aunt Mariann & Uncle Jim

Vikki & Victor

Mackenzie (vikki & Victors daughter)

My 2 brother in laws, Mike & Mike

My mom & Flo

My partner in crime Maria & her boys.. Kyle & Tyler

Anne & Al

Sam, his sister Barb, brother in law Mike & Rach

The three of us

Papa Badi & Rach

Maria, Maria, Me & Steph

Al, Nick, Rose & Dom


John, Jonathan & Tracey

Uncle Bob, Aunt Fran, Michelle & Flo

Rick Donna & Fran

Lianna, Melissa, Katelyn & Rach. (my friend Maria's 3 girls)

My mother in law Rose, sister in law Diane & nephew Thomas

Digging in the dirt with Melissa

Enjoying her 3rd piece of cake

The ice cream cone cake or as rach says I frean cone


Kristi said...

Looks like the party was a great time.. So glad it all turned out well. Sure wish we could have been there... Rachel looks like she had a lot of fun..Hugs

Hannah said...

What an amazing cake and party!! Adorable!

Momma said...

Wow looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves. So glad it turned out so well.


Robyn said...

What a fun party!! Love the cake!! Happy Birthday Rachel!!